City of Kitchener

Interactive Mapping

Explore Kitchener using the interactive mapping application. Our web-based application lets you view data about Kitchener in map form. The city's GIS (Geographical Information Systems) section gathers information and data from a variety of sources and creates detailed map layers for you to view and print out.

It is a convenient way to find an address, a road, a park, a landmark such as community centres, pools, arena, ball diamonds, etc or open the map content on the right hand side and explore the content by turning layers on and off.

The gis_i_tool_icon.png tool will open pop up windows with further information about a layer based on where you clicked the mouse.

click the map to begin your interactive mapping session.

City of Kitchener Interative Mapping

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Software: Rolta's OnPoint 10.1 is compatible with all desktop standard browsers. It is not currently available on mobile devices.
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